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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Corals ~ Redang's marine park.

I'm back with updates today :D
But with one part of my Redang trip only.
Frankly , i doesn't want to update about the trip i had.
Because i'm Lazy to do so. winks .
My number of readers decreased drastically
after i stopped to blog walk.
Only around 30 readers pass through my blog.
Don know whether they got read a not.
I like people to comment,
comment means they actually read my post.
Thanks to those who commented :D
Anyway let's focus on this post.

This post is about the corals
not many corals picture
but i'm going to post it next time.
Let the pictures do the talking again :~)
With captions that i write on.
Location : Redang conservation marine park.
**See the clear water in the sea**
**This type of fishes are everywhere**
**big boss**
**i looked very ugly with that snorkeling goggles**

**Yeap i saw a baby shark there**Twice ~
Remember to protect the corals.
Do not step on it.
Do not pull the corals or touch them.
Some of them got poison or something.

Well , they are not as pretty as the
great barrier reef at Australia
but we're lucky to have such
beautiful sea in Malaysia.
Go before it's too late to see them.
Don't wait till they die
because of the rising temperature
in the sea.
Most of them were bleached during our
first visit at the open sea.
Gonna talk about it on the next post.

Thanks for reading :D


  1. No worries, u still got a loyal reader like me!
    hahahahah, i jz came back from Redang as well..
    check tis


  2. yeah...
    me raed through ur blog but sometimes only comment XD
    afraid disturbing only XD

  3. You're back!!!
    Waaa the pictures so nice!!
    Yerr i jealous...
    so the camera worked out well underwater right??
    dammit i wan go redang pulak...

  4. thanks for the comments on the camera tips post as well!
    what dslr you got anyways?

  5. Czchooi : omg thanks :D , i read it d ~ nice trip ~
    Shazwan : thanks yea ~ Selamat hari raya to you :)
    Justin : yeaaa ~ quite fine about the camera. but the color peeled off too like your friends one..
    canon 500D ~
    Kelvin : credits to my bf :D