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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Redang day 1 :D

Hello Readers :D
Lotsa pictures to see
Therefore im not going to write so much here.
On the way to bukit tinggi ,
we stopped by at Esso petrol station
to redeem points.
My mum got so many points to redeem - -
We redeemed so much !
All junk foods , sweets , etc
Altogether RM100++
wow !? im kinda shock
junk foods also need more then RM100.
Maybe we take too much
expensive junks.
Or our money become smaller :P
Than we headed to Bukit Tinggi to
have our dinner.
No pictures for food because
i'm with my dad friend's family
and with my uncle's family.
So, whenever the foods come
they 'kiap kiap kiap' finish d.
No need to capture.
Some more we were so hungry.

After dinner, we start our journey to
Kuala Terengganu.
Stopped at some stalls or public toilet
to rest while waiting for my uncle to come.
Around 0330am we reached Terengganu town.
We stopped at a 24hours KFC to eat.
I kinda love there during midnight.
Looks so peaceful and nice.
Looks so clean around the area.
Love the Chinese street.
Amazingly, looks like Malacca's chinese street.
Donno how's the view during morning
or afternoon.
Will it be like KL ? busy life ? hmmm

After midnight breakfast,
we rested inside the car.
Well i couldn't sleep well.
Than until 5am something
we start our journey
to the Merang Jetty.
Reached there at 6am.
Mum and uncle went down to ask someone
the only one who awake there.
He said we need to wait
till 8am , the restaurant will open.
The jetty to Laguna need to wait
till 9.30am.
Then we parked our car there.
With roof top.
Slept inside the car until 7am plus.
Woke up and tell them to wait at the jetty.
Oh yea..
Parking is RM10 per day.
Don't worry.
its Safe to park your car there.
Until around 8.30am they started to
to distribute our tag for luggages and
our boarding passes.
They will straight away send our
luggages to the hotel.
No need to carry ourself.
So that we could enjoy going anywhere
without any hassles cause we need to wait
till around 1pm to get our room keys.
The back side of Laguna Resort.
We were given a short brief upon arrival.
After the short brief,
if you're tired to walk.
They got mini train to take you
to the lobby.
And yes, we are all lazy bumps.
We hopped in :D
The lobby.
Pack of people.
Because National Day.
All no need to work.
A complimentary drink when we
stepped into the lobby.
Donno what's that.
Kinda weird for me.
Let me bring u around :)
The beach bar.
The beach
Omg so effing beautiful !!!
More more Tea Inn.
They are selling souvenirs,
ice-creams , etc etc etc at downstairs.
Upstairs were clothes and etc ~
Guess what i bought at there.
The swimming pool.
The restaurant view.
We dine at Sang Suria Buffet Restaurant.
Our tickets comes along with
breakfast , lunch and dinner.
Overall rating for their food is
The view of the restaurant.
Sorry for the blurred picture.
After lunch, we changed ourself
to swimming outfit.
We play and swim around the swimming pool.
Until 2 something.
Cause we need to prepare ourself to
go snorkel at the open sea at 3pm.

me and my bf :)
The open sea area.
10minutes to reach there.
If you can see properly.
Its a rock that look like a man sleeping.
So damn many corals
and fishes.
So nice.
1st time i dare to snorkel.
Cause it was so effing nice !
I dare myself to snorkel !
Don wanna miss a chance anymore
like the time i went to langkawi.
Sat there and feed fishes only = =
This time at redang i really
went down and snorkeled !
The open sea's coral are all huge !
And so near to us.
So near until i saw some guy
stepping on it.
WTF . u think u so cool meh.
Bodoh ! Already said do not step on
those corals. sigh .
why people like this ?
I don even dare to go near to the corals.
I'm scare that some of them are
poisonous as they said so.
All the time i'm either following
my lil brother or my bf.
Don't dare to snorkel myself.
I could't stand the wave ,
so shakey . idk how to describe it in english.
make me so dizzy and wanna
vomit after snorkel.
So i sat in the boat quietly.
Luckily only 10min
If more then 1 hour i think i will die = =
So romantic :P
All pictures captured underwater is
captured by my bf :~
Prepare to eat dinner .
Same restaurant la..
After dinner we walked around.
The night view of momocha.
So nice ~
Spot me :P
My nude face .......
But i like this pic ~

My bf :)
Blurred . the only picture
we captured at this love thingy.

Around 9pm we went back to our room.
And we did nothing but sleep !
So early, because everyone was tired.
We bring poker cards to play
but no chance to play = =
All so tired and forget about it.
Day 1 was exhausted.

Stay tuned for Day 2.
Thanks for reading ~

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