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Monday, September 6, 2010

060910 - bad things

I should be posting about Redang's trip now.
But something happen just now.
As its only drizzle weather , i safe myself from hitting
someone's butt.

This (lower) picture shows
how i nearly hit a motorcyclist butt.
I was driving 80km/h that time.
And luckily there's no car behind me.
or else that car might hit my butt.
And the motorcyclist suddenly break.
IDK why.
Maybe cause he wanted to see
what they are selling at the Ramadhan bazaar there.
Or maybe he stopped for
the pedestrians to cross the street.
In my mind, those pedestrians had gone
to another side.
So i really donno why he stopped.
Maybe he wants me to hit him ?? @@
After knowing i might hit him
i turned my rear to 2nd.
i managed to stop right 2 feet behind him.
Then i could feel my car,
its like lose control of it.
And the tyres turn so fast !
Idk how to describe but i hope you understand.
(my car is a very old car,
tyres are cheap tyres and no more flowers on it)
After that, i continue driving.
Phewww that i dint hit him.
I'm stunned and speechless and moody.
I was like @@
My mind keep on thinking about it.
If i hit him , he might not celebrate
Hari raya with his family.
This and that.
I was like wtf im doing.
I nearly hit someone's butt !
and its a motorcyclist !
So effing dangerous !
I'm scare and puzzled !
You donno how scary it was until u meet this
kind of incidents.
This is not the first time i nearly
hit someone's but.
Around 5 times i meet this type of thing.

please don't drive fast during rain.
Especially heavy rain.
The road is slippery and you might lose control.
You might end up with like
both of these pictures.
To all those people who like to
drive fast during rain or after rain with
slippery road.
If you want to kill yourself go ahead.
But don't kill other people's life too.
You might kill if you drive recklessly during rainfall.
And think of other people too
when you are driving !
And last but not least.
You are not a retard !
This thing make me sick all the time !
People don't flip their signal when they
want to turn or something.
Please don't waste my fucking time !
Your time is precious so do i !
You might kill people if you don't fucking flip
your bloody signal !
okay ??? clear enough ?
Sometimes you people make me so tired
about it , makes me don wanna
flip my signal and let you die !
*Tell myself if everyone think like me
then this world full of retards that
don know how to use their signals.
Why people creates SIGNAL thingy ?
Think la.
Why don wanna use it ?
Why everyone's car/motor also got ?
and we cannot don want it ?
We might save money if we
don't want the signal thingy on our car.
Why want to hassle so much to
create something that people wont use ?
So people , please flip your signal to turn
or something.
Use your signal.
Not for display.

And don't simply HONK.
It's effing annoying u know ??
If you can manage to go through
or pass or anything
then please don't honk !
Annoyers !

And Remember this quote.

Oh yea.. when to midvalley with bf yesterday.
My pinkiee officially in Sony Centre hand now.
Din't tell me whether they could fix the
peeled color back a not.
Gave me a repair note and wait for their call.
So damn pack ..

Stay tune for Redang's trip.
Thanks for reading :D