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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Redang day 3

Finally i'm here to update my last day trip at Redang.
I had been busy with something.
Well , beside this Day 3 post, i'll post about the view
and the surroundings and tips about
this 3 days 2 nights trip.
My sis actually don wanna come back to kl.
I'm sad too :( Cause the next day gotta work :P

Watched the sunrise during breakfast.
So effing gorgeous !
But sad that i could't see it with my BF
He's a jerk that likes to sleep.
Sigh. Hate going out on vacations with this type of person.
Only know how to sleep.
Donno how to enjoy.
If want sleep go home la !
What for waste money to sleep in hotels ?
Sigh........I asked him to accompany me to walk
here and there, he asked my sis to accom me.
wth. moreover i thought i could use dslr to capture the
sunrise but end up using compact to capture.
Why ? cause he's late.
I need to force him to wake up during
that few days.

So pale.
Bon Voyage ! bye bye !

Headed to Kemaman after we are dropped
off from the ferry.
Had some at the 'famous' kemaman coffee.
I don think its nice.= =

Sorry but to tell u i dont like hot cofffeee.

Toasted Bread with jam ! Eff nice !
After that drink, went to find our uncle
that lives in kuantan.
I forget the name of this beach.
I've been there twice.
I hope my skin is that White.
So fake .. lols
I'm eff Tan lor !
End here now.
~ Stay tuned ~

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