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Monday, October 17, 2011


As you can see , i'm posting past happenings.
Just to keep my memories in.
I love polka dots <3
Dined in in Fong Lye.
Sweet Potatoes ?
Nice !
OOlong tea
Babe's Braised Beef noodle in soup.
My Steamed fish with soup and side dishes.
I seriously like this type of food style.
Like korean food.
So many side dishes that i can eat !
The beans are annoying.
Taste bitter.
Soup !
Outfit of the day.
Top : Forget where i bought
Pants : Sg Wang 6th floor.

Went to Genting straight after dinner.
Love it !!
Love to go up at night !
Love the surroundings and wind !
That day , i was seriously MISTY !
Can't even see the road.
We were damn scared !
First time go Genting that scare. wtf
Headed to Starbucks of cause !
My pretty honey Annie !
Jia hui dear <3
3 of us :)
That's ALL !

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