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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

Located in Pavilion right beside Dome
or Morganfield's.
Try to change myself for better looking
but my bf doesn't like my style.
Therefore i don't wear in front of him.
Only wear with my gf :)
That's where we seated.
Quite hot this area.
Just outside the sidewalk.
Green Tea , comes with a set.
Ala Carte Onion Rings.
Nice ! 4/5
If i'm not wrong it cost us RM12.90-16.90
I threw away all my receipts = =
Ordered a French Fries RM7.90-RM8.90
A salad that comes with our set.
Her beef set , quite hard though
And mine , salmon in hot pot.
All sets comes with a green tea, salad and soup.

Verdict : Service was good , food satisfied us and most importantly affordable.

Than , headed to Fahrenheit 88 for window shopping :)
Outfit of the day
Lacey top from Sg. Wang
Shorts from Kitschen
Heels from Aldo.
Bought a new bag from Miracle.
Rm29.90 only
What a Grab !!!
Miracle located just beside Sushi Zanmai
at Fahrenheit 88.
And this hairband too.
All their apparels are at reasonable price.
We can try on it too.

Life update.
I'm sick = =
Every time after back from clubbing
But , but but
I'm recovered after the antibiotics
the doctor gave me !
So i'm here for u .
Good night !

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