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Friday, October 14, 2011

Suki-ya steamboat buffet.

Hi yah .. Skip class today because no one fetch me there.
Don't dare to drive alone after that fucked up incident.
The other day i saw an article in China Press ,
What are the police doing ?
Seriously , Fuck those people !!!
Go get a job man !!!
(regarding about this)
Please be cautious about this !
Don't put your bag on your passenger seat
They will grab it too !
So damn dangerous nowadays !

Okay , out of topic already .
So Suki-ya
Located at Pavilion , 6th floor.
A Japanese style steamboat.
They charged us lunch price
despite that time already like 5pm.
RM29.80 per person excluding service charge.
So Damn worth it !
But not so many variety.
But then again , you can focus on
BEEF slice , LAMB slice & Chicken slice.
I din't take pictures of the places.
But i can explain. :P

There's a instructions provided to teach us how to eat
but we din't follow.
There are only 3 types of soup.
1. Clear water
2. Kimuchi soup
3. Sweet soy sauce
I doesn't like kimuchi soup to cook my food
during steamboat because i think that the flavor
of my beef are covered by spicy flavor and i
can't taste it.
The sweet soy sauce - too sweet for food literally !
But no choice , only got 3.
We doesn't want to choose the clear water as our soup.
But next time when i dine in there again,
i'm so sure one of the soup base is
clear water unless there's other flavor !

Chicken Slice.
Not so fancy
Lamb slice !
This is good ,seriously !
Bring me a sweet taste
just like beef !
This is the size of the beef :)
Yummmmmmmmmy <3
Japanese style dipping sauce.
This is what we had take.
I forget what choices they provided but
i just know that the choices weren't much.
Canned abalone slice.
My fav mini size tomatoes.
Not for steamboat of cause !
There is a mini salad bar.
At around 6-7pm
These sushi came out.
We can be able to enjoy sushi in this price.
This sushi i guess it's only for dinner time.
Definitely coming back for more :)
Remember , free flow of beef slice !

Sukiya Sdn Bhd
Lot 6.24.04 Tokyo Street
Tel : 03-2141 4272
Exhausted after going out a day.
Picture taken at Lakeview restaurant at The Heritage.

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