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Monday, October 31, 2011


Affordable , Superb , Big portion.
Part II Annie's Birthday.
Looking good eh
So i ordered a
wild mushroom spaghettini with mascarpone.
Mine , this was super nice !

Guess how much this water cost.

Tomato beef.
Ordered a salad to share
Wagyu beef pie.
Birthday girl said it was nice.
This mine. 3/5
End up i just finished not even half of it.
The portion was very big !

Verdict :
If you are not a big eater , order a pasta and salad to share with your partner :)
For sure i'm coming back for more ! Nice environment , and good service too.
But please do reserve before you go.
Mochi dessert ! loving it duh
Four of us :)
Top from Kitschen
and Pants from Lence
Bend down to match them >.<
3rd round at Geographer :D
Good night !
Misssssss my long fringe ;(

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