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Saturday, October 8, 2011

LOST ! SESAT ! 迷路 !

Hi ! One Day , 2 meal post. Brunch > High Tea . First up , Cafe Takahashi @ Pavilion 6th floor. Last month , when my friend still here in Malaysia , we used to hang out at Kl almost once a week but now he's at Taiwan continuing his course there. Good Luck to him :D

#1 Cafe Takahasi for Brunch.
#2 Green Tea
#3 Scallop and Prawn thin pizza.
Not nice at all.
So seafood-ish the smell of the pizza.
#4 Beef & Spinach
Filled up only 6.5/10 of my stomach.
#5 Eggplant with beef.
#6 forget what's in it
#7 My friend said not nice at all.
He regretted choosing this.
#8 Honey Bee
#9 After the not so amazing brunch,
Headed to Starbucks and chilled
#10 My friend Bought this luxury mochi for us to try.
#11 I chose Strawberry.
Kinda nice though but need to wait some time to defrost.
#12 My friend treat's.
Patchi chocolate.
Not a fan of chocolate.
A Cadbury choco can ease me easily.
#13 Toilet pic
#14 After slacking at Pavilion , we headed to our star
destination of the day. Delicious at Marc Residence.
And guess what !?
for Almost 1.5 hours from Pavilion to Jalan Pinang
if i'm not wrong !!!!
#15 And after we reached Jalan Pinang ,
We happened to LOST ! SESAT ! 迷路 !
We don know the road to Delicious.
We happened to ask people
and we still can't find it until i called my bf.
After around half hour we walked.
#16 And reached.
Whataday ?!
#17 Look at the luxury place.
#18 Glad that the staff there were friendly !
#19 With coupon that my friend bought in the internet
we are able to enjoy these food at half of the price.
#20 mine.
#21 Too furious that she actually pulled off the straw = =
#22 We got 2 coupon.
So 2 tray of these.
#23 The cakes.
#26 Black caviar bread. Nice !
#27 My fav salmon !!
#28 i like 4 & 5
#29 This is how i eat scones.
Like to try on new dip !
#30 Outfit of the Day
Blazer from Sg. Wang
Half cut top from Kitschen
Shorts from Mng.

Verdict : If you ask me to pay for the whole price i won't.
Not so worth it or you can say it's quite pricey for me.
The high tea tray cost RM60++ before coupon.

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