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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My pictures is loves.

These pictures are hot from the oven !
Don't get what i mean ? lol
What i mean is ,
I camwhored at 5pm
I edited it at 8pm
I upload it now 8.30pm
So efficient huh !
I'm warning you to LEAVE now
if u hate me ! thanks

#1 My current fb's p.pic.

#3 Bought this few years ago at Genting
Actually this is a necklace.
#4 This pen was from Genting too :D
#5 love to camwhore with stuff <3
#6 Bf can't show me his love.
But this pen can !
#7 Editing with only PHOTOSCAPE
what a loser (me)
#8 This is a different picture from 7th
#9 Love this
#10 Mickey mouse bracelets
#11 Look at how big my eyes after i drew
some lower lashes using eyeliner.
#12 hope that i know how to ps
Look at my elephant nose.

#13 i donno why i did that = =
#14 Orangee lips
#15 ah ?
#17 my fav popteen model
Idk what her name is because . . .
i donno mandarin T.T
#19 fish
#20 kinda sweet. hahaha

Make up that i used.
1-12 pictures
Primer : Make up For ever
Foundation : Make up For ever
I don't use loose powder
Eye shadow : Majolica & Kate
Eyeliner : Mac & Dollywink
Lips : Mac & Majolica

13-20 pictures
All same except
Lips : Ianti

Bye bye :D

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