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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hokkaido Ichiba

oh hai !
Greetings from
i hate Angry Bird.
That guy who served me said that girls love angry bird
but i actually don't !
I bought it because of the hot red color !
#1 Angry bird ~ Scroll down for more !
#2 Outfit of the day !
Top : Kitschen
Cardigan : MNG or Sg. Wang
Shorts : Kitschen
Ballerina flats : TSC
#3 who want to seat with dead fishes ?
#4 Their many kinds of food menu
#5 me not so happy when i saw the price !
#6 i don't need this paper
#7 my babe's ramen .. RM16.80
#8 Not so amazing but expensive Gyoza RM12
I think the China man made dumpling more better then this
and it's cheap !!
#9 My set
Damn annoyed by this .
#10 Miso soup
#11 Chawanmushi .. nice
#12 hate the pink color flakes.. annoying !
#13 Some fruits

I think i won't want to visit anymore.
Hokkaido Ichiba is the sister of Sushi Zanmai. They are actually from a same company.
First of all , they charged me RM6 more despite the Menu written there RM30. I got proof , i captured the picture of the menu coincidentally and i still got the receipt if you want to see (Ask me). If i know they charge me RM36 for this , i won't have order. Seriously , this set doesn't make any difference than the one they serve at Sushi Zanmai. If you notice there's a assorted sashimi with rice in their menu (S.Zanmai) They only charged us for RM10.90 if i'm not wrong but of cause without the side dishes that (H.I) provided. Who cares ?
Secondly , the taste. Exactly like the one i ate at S.Z , Just that H.I gives me one or two or three more types of raw sashimi to eat. And it wasn't as fresh as i thought it will be.
Really doesn't worth it.
Thirdly , The price. My friend said that it's almost the same price with Rakuzen and Yuzu.
Therefore , i think next time when i'm in the Gardens i will choose back Sushi Zanmai.
Affordable & Nice !
I din't ask why it's more expensive that time. Idk why too !

Chilled at Starbucks after a walk.
Went to Delectable by Su shop to buy these.
RM10 per box.
Kinda nice though but abit pricey for it.
RM28 for these 3 cupcakes.
The fillings are very nicez !
I chose the ribbon one !
How lovely it is <3
Rawwawwwwwwwww !
Angry You !

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