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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Wesak Day's post.
Off that day.
Nothing special cause someone's drunk
and i'm fu mad!
Went to IOI mall to watch
Prince of the Persia.
Nice :)
Than went to Sakae Sushi to have our High-Tea.
Around 5pm went back to home.
Mum said wanna go Shogun eat
Hello I just had Sushi.
1689754321564878786 times full !
Give me 2 hours to digest
luckily we dint eat like never eat before
at Sakae if not we won't be able to go
Shogun = =

Hello BB Max ~ love u ~ kekeke

Upper deck from Sakae,
They changed new menu.
My favorite Salmon Don no more !
Lower deck is Shogun's.
So many people like no need money = =
Some more they charged extra on public holiday !
Look idk why the hell i effing like
RAW SALMON so much !!!!!
My favorite among sushi !!!
I can eat like nobody's business. keke.
My brothers, elder and younger both
ate RAW OYSTERS like nobody business !!
I hate the smell.
Vomit !!
Smelly dou sei..
Its me :0
Criticism on myself
Big dark circles under my eyes !
Short hair
Big tummy !!! followed me for 18years
Huge arm!!
Huge size HIPs !!!
Huge thighs !!!
Fuck ! i hate my hips !!! Its so huge !!
Damn and my a** !!!
All so huge !!!