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Friday, June 4, 2010

Tired 040610

I feel very tired today.
Why ?
I seldom share my sad thoughts out.
Normally its about food or places
and others.
I can't tolerate it anymore.
I'm suffering.

Why ?
I'll tell u why.
It's actually about my presence at work.
i) Salary low
ii) what the fuck i do is not appreciated
I'm working for my family at my parent's shop.
I need to serve the customers
and do accounting stuff
and sometimes i need to carry goods in.
Guess how much i get.
RM500 only
but with fuel, food, and car.
I did get materialistic stuff
like camera and bb.
Some more there are T&C to get them
Camera i need to listen to them as usual.
Accounting stuff.
BB i repay with my salary
Deduct RM100 per month.

Every time i complain about the salary is too low
they will say i feed u food and stuff.
Some fucking customers are even more worse
Bull fuck shit them.
Customer A : Wahhh your daughter so hardworking ah come help out.
Mum : They need money , no money no talk.
Customer A : They feed you , give you school. and others
and now demanding for money .
I was like FUCK U !
Your daughter and sons don't demand money from u ?
I think they probably not working like me.
Goyang kaki at home than can take money.
I need to work like hell.
They said if you're not working one day RM10
even if im studying.
Where as my friends get RM300-500 per month
without working.
I know that they do this is for my own good.
Don't you think that its too over?
I don't get Annual leave.
Only twice a month off.

Some more,
MUM, all you care is only your elder son.
What about me ?
Some times u help him
like he's going back home to feed his wife.
if he wants and even dad strongly disagree it.
You did this behind his back.
Many times !
Wtf i think ?

Than every thing is on myself !
I need to take care of this and that.
What about your little daughter and son ?
What also i need to take care of !

Mum do you remember who's the one who helped u
When u argue with dad ?
When u got trouble on those account stuff ?
Who's the one who love u most ?
I think u don know.
I'm seriously very disappointed on you
when you are talking about her !
Its like im the one who did something wrong
I tell u i will never ever forget what
she did to me and my bf.
She's the one who started 1st.
Not me !
and dad too.
Im very disappointed when u asked me
Why u 'toi hui yao pin kin' ?
Both of you did this to me and its
like taking a knife stab through my heart.
( I'm crying )
Who knows ?
If u ask me why i don't go out and find a job.
Cause what can i work as without any certs ?
I don wanna work as a sales girl.
I want to work at office.
Normal salary without any experience is only
Deduct this and that
If i step out from my parent's shop that means i got nothing.
I probably no car, no food, no place to live
except i pay them money.

I know what they do to me is for my own good.
But i can't bear it any more


  1. hey! take care yea! I know sometimes parents are too demanding but all the while they think of us too, I know sometimes it is quite unfair that they help your brother more than you or what, perhaps you should talk to them, even if it does not help, don't give up, they are still your parents!

    and remember, study is very important at least a degree, hope you can talk to your parents about it too.

    you can always talk to your love one, and he is going to support you!

    anyway I am here to motivate & support you!
    BE STRONG! ^^

  2. ko lian. but every house have their own hard to read de book. there are much more unlucky then u de ppl out there. so know enough always happy. now you still young, so listen to your parents lo. when u have kids, you will know how ur parents think.

    if u can afford, i think you should go for further study. i dont know much bout you, so i cannot comment much about this. but hopefully, you dont keep your bad feelings in your heart. have anything, speak out. you will feel much better after speak out.

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  4. hi girl! omg, this is exactly what i've been planning to post in my blog...i feel frustrated this past month and i love to rant but am thinking if its appropriate to post it. but i think its just okay, its a personal blog and we can post anything we want.

    anyway, let's hope and pray for a more promising career.


  5. Hi Sarah, how are you today??
    I like this personal blog. do visit back and $mile please? Thanks