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Monday, June 14, 2010

How to make cheap food at home.

How to make cheap food at home.
Why i blog about this ?
The other day i was checking
how to make ........ i forgot.
Than i come across a website
that posted almost same like my title
But i forget which website.
All words, and in the end they din't teach anything
Just convince us to eat at home
cause it's cheap and healthy than outside foods.

First thing come on my mind was MAGGI
Cheap and fast.
It's like within 5 minutes.
It's done and can be served.

All descriptions are based on lower picture.
Look, All major shops like
Giant, Tesco, markets, and etc
are all selling Maggi mee.
All types of maggi.
Depends on what flavor u wanna eat.
Tomyam ?
Chicken ?
Korean kimchi ?
Laksa ?
Curry ?
and many more.

Feel very boring with just maggi ?
Add on some egg

Add on some fish ball too

Craving for meat suddenly ?
Add sliced sausage

So if u want to be healthier.
So now u'll get half unhealthy and half healthy
for eating vegetables.
RM1.00 for a packet of Maggi.
RM 0.50 for fish balls x2pcs.
RM1.00 for sausage X1pcs.
RM0.50 for vege.
Isn't cheap ?

I think that if i add more RM1
i can purchase a mihun soup or wan tan mee
at outside.
Not need to hassle so much..

This is a picture of cooked maggi
with broccoli with eggs and tomatoes.

All picture are grab from Google.

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Thanks for reading and support :)


  1. LeaF芳 - all photos grab from Google la hehehe

    but eat outside need to walk or drive out - waste petrol as well.

  2. Sarah..hehe..very rajin u computing the cost :-)

  3. sara..u suke masak ke? i nak rase.. maskkan untuk i