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Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Water Moments

Introducing the
World's Slimmest Waterproof Camera
Sony TX5
10.2 mega pixel.
It's also Shockproof,
Dust proof , Temperature proof
and etc.
Not only those benefits
it's also Stylish.
Comes with five colors
Red , pink , green , silver and black.

This is what we can do with waterproof camera.
We can capture pictures underwater
without spending money on casing.

My water moments
with my friends !
The first time i went to Lagoon with my friends.
So damn HAPPY !
Few years back , with my college mates.
Miss them so much !
These pictures is captured
by my friend's camera.
How can we not bring a waterproof camera
when there's water sport event ?

(Upper picture)
If this picture is captured with Sony TX5
we can use the panoramic function
which we could captured everyone standing nicely in one shot.
and we would easily captured whole scenery in one shot too.

It's not necessary for us just to capture picture
underwater using TX5 , we too can
capture whatever form we want.
Like on the ground playing with friends and family.

Hand's shaking all the time
want to capture kids pictures ?
With the Anti motion blur function
we could easily capture nice and perfect pictures
of everyone !

(Upper picture)
How good if we're using TX5.
We will get picture perfect
cause TX5 gives us Natural & vibrant image
with Bionz Image Processing Engine.
What's that ?
Help us lower the noise level and achieves high accuracy
in auto-focusing, exposure auto correction and
auto white balancing.
in any environment !

Scare your little bro use your camera ?
No need to scare if u're using TX5
Cause it's Shock Proof !
Allows us to drop it within 1.5m.
Now u can borrow everyone without
hesitations .

What can you do in 1 second ?
Nothing !
But with Sony TX5,
We can take 10 photos in one second !
How cool is it ?
We can't even do a thing in 1 Second !

Want to capture perfect picture in low light environments ?
With Hanheld Twilight mode,
the pictures is more nicer and clearer .
Without using a Tripod we can easily
enjoy taking pictures at low light places.
And also we doesn't need to bring many stuff
to capture low light environment.
Just bring Sony TX5 will do the job !

Last but not least.
We can bring TX5 everyday , anywhere , any time
without hesitating !
Cause it's small and light !
The appearance is 100% trendy and stylish.
We can enjoy multi function camera
in this small lil camera.

Retail Price at
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