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Thursday, June 3, 2010


*The first picture maybe u don't like but i like.haha*
*Please this is only my thoughts about reality that i know*
*Just to make my blog more interesting*
*Trying on this type of post*
*Rather than my stuff*
*Oh yeaaa i'm wearing my sis's shirt that day
Contain foul words there.
Please don't mind :P
I'm once an 'ex-college' student
like everyone of u who're studying now.
I'm a lazy bump !
I like to play more than study in college
Im a last minute person.
I bet 'almost' everyone is like that.
Last minute only study.
You won't score ok.
We are not always lucky to pass!

There are some reasons why we don't study.

First : We are EFFING LAZY !
Second : Not interested on that subject !
Third :For girls, like to make up and shopping.
(not so true huh)
Fourth : Both gender, ONLINE and gaming.
The only BOOK that i read is only FACEBOOK!!
Fifth : Text friends with mobile ,
willing to crap more than study like me
or parthayyy !

When comes to EXAM.
Some people tend to cheat.
Example how 'some' students cheat.
First : Friends sit together and
pass notes or answer to each other.
Or putting ready made notes below
answer sheet and questions.
Put it down the drawer where the lecture
won't realize.
***Saw this method from a student sat beside me
during marketing class.
Or the old school way PEEK on friends papers
while the lecture is busying.

Hate maths.
My standard on maths is very low!
Yes laugh on me
However i think if u don't do so
U are stupid
where everyone is doing that.
Im kinda shock at first.
But accept it.
Everyone is cheating.
I mean not everyone.
Its like 7 out of 10 only ma.
Even the geeks helped us to cheat.
Somehow during the finals its not easy to cheat.
Im the first one who dont dare to cheat.
But one of my fren does .

This is only my thoughts.
Again no offences to anyone.
And please do not cheat on your exams.
You are not the one who pay your college fees.
Think twice.
Red lips doesn't suit me at all

1 comment:

  1. hi Sarah! hmm, evrybody cheat on exam and thats the best part and oh, who likes math btw?

    have a lovely day!