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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bieber & Kim ?

Justin Bieber & Kim Kardashian together ?
Paparazzi spotted them holding hands
in the Bahamas beach.
They claimed that they were doing their job.

Bieber uploaded a pic at Twitter
and tweeted
Look its my girlfriend
Kim Kardashian.

Don know these rumors is true a not.
But seriously i don't agree
they get together cause
its like Sister bringing Brother out !
A 29 and 16years old ?
Freak me out !

But who know's that they really love each other ?

*****I'm not in the Bieber Fever list*****


  1. there is so much intrigue in here hahaha. but, yes i agree wt u, who knows they might be having a may december affair?

  2. justin bieber looks like a kid. haha.
    I followed you! :)
    please comment on my post:

    I need help from you guys. thanks!:)