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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hello fellow readers ~
Its time to reveal my new hairstyle look.
It's nothing special actually.
Hmmm .
Its just shorter and childish.
To make this post more funny
i had edited few pictures of mine
using PhotoScape.
I don know how to use photoshop
and do not own it cause its too expensive.
PhotoScape is freeeeee.
And i love free stuff.. hahaha
But of cause i do not get to use functions like
applying make up, hairs,
making the eyes bigger, look slimmer and etc.
But using photoscape i can make my pic
brighter, deepen, some effects and etc.
More easy to understand and
not complicated at all.

Everybody please meet Weng Chan.
It's so obvious that he's the one who cut my hair.
No need to state. hahaaaa
Highway's friend.

And anyone thought that i had my hair extension like this ?

or this cute lil bob hair?

Or mushroom head like both of this ?

Picture without
make up.
*i know my edition sucks*
Well what i can say is
kinda look like mushroom head !!!
I can accept it cause last time also like this.
Its kinda thick thou the lower part.






I need to dye my hair soooon.
Looks so fugly !!!

●•۰i prefer the old one۰•

looks nicer

But cause of my hair is spoil.

Gotta cut all the spoiled hair off !
Thanks to the hair dryer !
Don't use often !!!

End with lotsa


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