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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2009, randomness

Actually i wanna post about this word
end up posting my old pictures
cause i want to make this compete word more
interesting i find some pictures to post.
Than i saw my 2009 me pictures..
So i wanna share it out !

At Fraser Hill with family outings ~
Without front hair/fringe

1st time i did manicure !
Love the feeling being pampered~!
wohhhoooo !
Cost me RM40
Next time i should do it when my
nails are all long ~

I use to love this formal shirt.
where i can wear for outings ~

I effing love this picture
last year & idk why -____-

Im getting older now & FATTER !

What should i post about compete ?
Don't compete too much in life.
I like to have what people got.
Who doesn't ?
But one thing .
What u have doesn't means she got too.
Compete = envy
So u compete means u're envy.

Oh yeaa !
Next post
BOKEH ~ inspired by Xia xue's post..
Photos ~

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  1. Ane kaga ngarti bahasa inggris...pict nya lucu..hehehe