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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Genting 26/4/09

on the way go genting ~ bought McD eat~ i ate Mcflurry and double cheeseburger~yummy~hehe ~want fall down le...but no token ..
3 pig posing~lol
look .. my dad ..
weird pose = = haha

That day when to Genting with family~expect my big bro
Around 1pm something go .. than 5 something come back ..
because of weather so hot .. go 'chui fong' lol
At there me and my siblings played games ..
my little bro knew some new friends there ==
play basketball .. damn 10ball he only miss once..
he helped my brother earn points..
later that .. 3 of us sat the (dono what car or train or bus) = =
rm5 per ride.. brings us to first world hotel and theme park..damn boring ..but the view was so pretty and amazing~
after that find my mum at the coffee shop .. opposite coffee terrace..
than a while than go back puchong eat Bak Kut Teh .. my little bro's friend de dad open de ..
than i meet wei wei there~she so pretty~
after that went to Tesco ~ than balik rumah lur~

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