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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I love ~clubbing~ but unfortunately my parent don't let me go again.I clubbing only for 3 times and every time also at 'bar celona'.If can, i wish to go on 9th May 2009.Think about why i choose 9th go but i don't think anyone would know that.

1st time i been to there is with my friends and old school mates.Miss them~ It was just right after SPM.That time donno how to dance.Quite bored but the music and alcohol makes your Body move.Its just like ITS GETTING HOT IN HERE LETS TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES (LOL) just joking but i just sat at there.I go back home around 2 something.My brother fetch me.He goes to a mamak stall buy something to eat while waiting i VOMITed.After vomiting i feel so good.I think i consumed too much alcohol~

2nd time was at Christmas countdown.Wow.I love that night.WONDERFUL~Crowded.I saw my best oldschool mate~Caroline~hehe.On the time 3 2 1 MERRY CHRISTMAS~it was so damn fun.They bought some snow spray inside and spray it to the air.Than i saw Jia drank the dewarts without adding coke inside.I stunned and than Jo turns and Yin turns thn i asked for it.I just have little of it cuz i scare that i will drunk.My mum will kill me for sure.Later they were drunk,all the girls except me and Carol.Unbelievable was the boys Wei and Tai were drunk too. We can't really get out from the crowded place with most of them were drunk.With everyone help we manage to get out from there but we almost fall down when we want to reach the escalator there.Suddenly a guy hold my hand.I think he scares that i might fall down too.Than i was like waving at him saying nothing.So blur.Than we reach the entrance.OMG we cant really control them.One of them says i want to get in back and drink again.(more things happened)shhhh.And i vomited the toilet.haizzzzzzz.Sob sob.when they put the song In the ayer.I was at outside.I wanted to go in back to parttyyyyyyy.LOL.but can't.We back at around 2something also.( ithink)but we when to Chee home to clear out their mess.Than after clearing out Chee fetch Jo and Yin home.Than Carol than me.It was around 3something.My mum was doing her paper work at living room(upstairs).I'm sure that she is waiting for me:)Love her~

3rd time.I go with jia hui and others boys.And carol too~This time i party hard.Nahhhhhh not very hard cuz not really know how to dance but i really want to release my stresssssss.The 3rd time was not as fun as the 2nd time.But i love it toooooo.Than around 1.45 something jia hui go back le :( no one dance with me.I just sat at there watching others dance.Than nearly 3.00 i go back ler~ehhh..i did not vomit~

When will be my 4th time? and who will i go with~

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