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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mother's day present~

for my mummy~from the body shop the view outside of my house .. rainbow~lov it

on the way back snap de~

today 29/4/09 went to sunway .. after take our timetable at college

this year mother's day same date with my birthday~

so .. happy mothers day to my mum and happy birthday to myself

don know why i buy so early .. = =

actually want to buy watch for her..but too expensive..

than fragrance..expensive also .. i'm lack of money ..

so .. end up we went to the body shop and buy 1set of the body lotion .. and so on ..

cost me rm129 .. share with siblings .. share with my sis only .. i think ..

seriously .. if i got money .. i will buy her a watch from elle ~ ..

but .. no $$ = =

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