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Saturday, April 18, 2009


^^ secret recipe's white
macamadia~i think..haha FAMILY~muackkss from my aunt and uncle~thanks

11/4/09 ~ my parent helped us to celebrate our birthday~

actual date
my older brother=10/4/XXXX
me =10/5/XXXX
my young. sis. =4/5/XXXX
my young. bro. =9/4/XXXX

almost all the same ya..
this is the 3rd year they setup a birthday bash
the 3rd year we dint invite our friends .. maybe because quite boring and i think my friends won't attend too..b'cuz maybe they work or went to NS or they just hate me~
the 3 of us din't invite a single person but my younger brother did~! he invited quite numbers of people .. every year they attend our birthday party ( i mean my younger brother friends ) everything will be in a mess and they even said our cake look like a SHIT .. damn i hate them .. when i cut out the cake and they have some .. u guess what the freak they said !! they said this cake is delicious .. jerks..

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