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Sunday, April 19, 2009


On the 2nd week of learning English DR, Anne asked us to do her a flavour
she asked us to write an ESSAY for her .. last time i wrote an essay was last year SPM
she gave us freedom to write what also can .. as long as its mature..she did gave us some ideas and she talked about marriage so i decided to write something about marriage

here it is~enjoy

Do you understand what is the meaning of marriage and do you know why couples marry today and divorce tomorrow?Marriage is a lifetime commitment.This commitment can have many advantages such as financial strength, stability , unity ,trust and so on.Did you think about these commitment before you marry?Before you getting marry you shall know that is he or she the one you
looking for and the one that suites your character.You will never know if you spend short time getting know each other than marry.Its unstable and unsecure.

Some men or women changes attitude after married.This is because stress of both mother-in-law.Things getting even worse when women gets pregnant.Women change behavior when they get pregnant.Than argument happens.Some men can take it and some men just don't.Most of the men take it because this is part of the commitment.After that, financial problem starts.They need more income to feed their new born baby and to buy new furniture.Did you all think about these things when you want to marry?

Perhaps for the older yes, and for the teenagers nope.Teenagers never think of these before.According to the survey in the year of 2008, teenagers never think about these things.They gets marry because of 'puppylove' and they come from rich background.Now most of the parent so adore them till letting them get marry in young ages like at 19 or 20s.Never think of financial problems.While some teens get marry because she is pregnant.Thus they never know what will happen in the future.They will easily get divorce too.

Percentage of divorce couples were so low from our ancestors until the 70s. Than from the 80s, things started to change like from the big fat television to flat and slim television while the percentage of divorce couples gone up from 20% to 45%.Things getting modern and even modern nowadays.So, why would couple divorce after few years? It is because they never think so much before get marry.They are few reasons why they divorce so fast example like relationship turns out boring after few years and knowing that their character are not the same.Than because of unmature involves jealousy and they lose their commitment in trust.

Other than that, third party are one of the main reason.After the relationship turns out boring and waste of time, men or women starts to find a new relationship with their third party.Most of this cases happen on men.They starts to find new relationship first.From the survey, nowadays many
women gets threatening,assaulting and torture from their husband.This is because of they are drunk or took drugs.Problem like this lead to divorce. Sometimes they even divorce because of intimacy (usually it happens on men) and many other small problem may lead to divorce.

Would anyone like to get marry today and divorce couple weeks later? Marriage is not a game.It takes a lot of effort to train yourself to love each other,trust and loyalty .So if u want to marry today , please think twice.Marriage is forever.

Do you understand ? confuse ?

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