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Thursday, April 16, 2009


started my college life last last last week
it was fun..knew many new friends
various of them .. from johor, ipoh , sarawak .. and others..~
they were so kind and fun ~ and lovely
it happens that almost every week we got a presentation to do
and now almost come till the end of the month ..
we got many presentations to do .. i mean drama
they were 2 drama we need to act
1st one is about ARTIST and the 2nd one is FAIRYTALE
keep me busy before the day b'cuz this is the last drama we gonna act.. and we need to make it REAL..i cant really act.. whenever i want to act i will laugh like insane
in fact i'm losing my patience b'cuz every time we stayed back for practicing turns out to be talking class .. we only know how to KE-POH and only 1 of the member (Ganesh) .. he is the only one who take this seriously .. and he do all the script and dialogue out things happen than.... SECRET.....
i admit that i have kepoh too ... but not as much as them only LOL (am i right ?) its only u know............
seriously .. i hav a bad temper personality .. and im QUITE small gas. .
im just doing my part .. just no one is paying attention to me until i get mad .. i dont really want to get mad.. cuz they are my new friends..rightttt? bad image given to them T.T
actually im not that bad^^its just i that take it seriously:(but not everyone take the drama seriously...arghhh i dono...

This English lessons are going to end on 23/4/09
i misss you guys ..

starts DIA on business administration on 4/5/09~
good luck to me ~

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