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Sunday, April 19, 2009


BIRTHDAY AT 2007 @ 2008

look at the 1st picture.I still remember it was 2007.The cake.I never even had a slice!Do you know what they did to my 1st SECRET RECIPE's CAKE (chocolate indulgence) that my friends gave me T.T they throw each other !! cake fight !! Don know who the hell start it 1st! the only thing i know they say its either my bro or kean wan.. This 2 fella ..I was stunned..They even threw it on me and make my shirt dirty and the stain was still here..damn it..WHAT A WASTE !

and the 2nd picture was 2008
about the cake .. nothing happen on it.. its safe :) LOL i remember when Mee Gee got her license only for few weeks (if i'm not wrong). She drove us using Kok Wah's car to Giant.I looked at his face.His face told me that he's scare.Do you think it is overloaded to have 6 person inside a Kancil? No ya.It was fun.She drove us back save and sound except she din't see a hole there and pass through it.Ahhhh. It was nothing yea.

Don't mind that i talk about old school things ya:)

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