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Saturday, April 18, 2009


14/03/09 it was my 2nd Sister's birthday ~ aka BABI
actually we planned to go sunway lagoon but end up at Am Square (if im not wrong)
its Karaoke:)actually i prefer lagoon its been my form 3 (i think) dream.. i say that want to go with whole bunch of classmates :( but every time end up cancel because of girls period problem and parents = =:(until now college life and i can't even have a chance to go there with my friends..seriously..i prefer to go with my EX-classmates~i miss them so much..LOL.. stop talking about that..

although i don't understand nor read mandarin the karaoke was fun:)cause we opened a GENTING casino there..LOL we gambled!!! and the winner is me:)

we bought a Tiramisu's from BREADSTORY .. it was so delicious ~~

Attention.. although its been long time .. my memory is still in my mind^^

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