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Friday, April 17, 2009

SUMMON (saman)

It was 15/4/09 Wednesday
it was my unlucky day T.T
it was 7 in the morning
which i arrived at college as usual time .. just earlier
the sky was so dark ... not really dark .. usually its not that dark
as the way was ONE WAY .. and normally i will drive in to park there .. short cut .. if not i need to turn a big round .. as it was still dark .. i cant see the police car is coming through that one way ...
than they noticed that i do that they switch on their siren .. luckily still early .. not many people..but it was just in front of ASIA CAFE:( those waiters come out and KEPOH
but between i noticed a good policemen ~ they dint ask for morning tea~
they even help me to give directions when i reversed my car~

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