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Saturday, April 25, 2009


am i really that annoying .. huh ?

please tell me what i have done wrong

XXXXXX.. i'm talking about you ..

what have i did .. why you treat me like this

i dint steal your boys ,, maybe sometimes i say things that u dont like .. but i was just JK

why cant you just tell me what i have done and settle it down ..

where the u want to be my friend or not just tell . .

i'm tired of these freaking out 'backstabbers' things

from XX/2/09 u LIE me !

and i forgive u .. I'm TORN on that day

u know that ? i bet u won't know

than last week if i'm not wrong XXXXXX told me that u and XXXXXX go yum cha.. than XXXXXX say he want come fetch me .. u turn your head away .. i wont count you on that .. ya cause im just thinking so much .. if i really show up .. u all wont be happy .. i knew..

than today 25/4/09 XXXXXXi told me that when u with him that time u say my FILTHY THINGS out but i dono what

XXXXX kept his promise not to tell me .. i will ask you soon .. but even if i ask u .. u wont TELL THE FREAKING TRUTH OUT .. i know that

u are a LIAR

thanks for lying me all the time ..

thanks for keeping me accompany all the time ..

im too emotion right..

last one .. i really treat u as my BFF

until the end .. i get nothing but HURT ..

you treat me as a FOOL

i promise not to make myself hurt because of friends and once i did it again


  1. hey!!!
    u must take care ya!!!
    hope u can cure your breaking heart quickly ya!!!
    jia you!!!
    all the best to u !!