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Thursday, March 11, 2010

My baby

I got a dog few years back.
He's baby.
Breed : Shih Szu
I miss him.
I cry when i view his pictures just now.
I miss him so much.
I had been wanted to buy a new dog
since last week and looking forward on those adoptions.
Than today i saw this article at The Star
I browse through just now.
Its very cruel.
Its unfair for those poor little dogs.
I hope my baby not at there.
He was given to my mum's friend.
Than my baby ran away from the house
The owner can't catch/find him back
Since than i got no news about my Baby.
Seeing people use the way to catch those stray dogs.
I feel heart sore cause its a life too.
Why can't treat them good by catching them using another way.
I'm afraid that my baby is in their hands
I hope he's in well condition now.
I'm very very sorry to buy u baby
If not u maybe in a very very good owner's house.
My baby is a very naughty dog.
I dint teach him well
cause of i got no time.
Everyday 7pm only reach home.
Yeaaa i know thats a excuse.
And i don't like to beat him.
I did beat him several times when he ran out from our house
Trust me, He's a good runner.
Very very very Fast.
And he got a good appetite.
He like foooood so much.
I really really miss him.
God bless him please.
Therefore i decided not to buy/adopt another anymore.
Cause i don't want to give myself a burden
or they can't live well in my house.
Cause i got no time for it.
How could i got time for him except on Sunday.
Everyday 7am till 7pm not at house.
11pm gotta sleep
For all the pets owner,
Please do care for your pets.

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