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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunday's Spaghetti

Hotdogs and Chickens
Ribbon's pasta and normal's.
Onions & garlic

The preggo's sauce over there is for my potatoes

Sarah's made spaghetti
Sorry for the wrongly sequence of the pictures
Just brief u guys that wanna cook the sauce
Firstly take the onions and garlic to fry.
Than add in chickens and hotdogs
Cook till its cooked.
Add the Sauce and some water
*Depends on how thick u want.
I choose Campbell's Carbornara Mushroom
Always that =)
Than add a slice of cheeeeeese.
Stir and wait for it to coook.
And Waaalllaaaaa
Sunday's Spaghetti is done
Its very easy to coooook duh.

Stay tune for more peeps

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