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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

San's Birthday 120310 Yuen Steamboat

Sorry for my readers
Which were very little.
I have been delaying my post
due to IM LAZY
These bad words.
Thanks =) XD
And while updating this post
It has been lagging many many times
Stuck while typing the words
!!!!! WTF FML!!!!!

My babe LEE WAI SAN's birthday
Really nothing special. lols
Wanted to go Genting but at last failed
cause she need to prepare her hair show
at Opera 26th March
Lets go and cheer for her. 7pm
So long dint gather.
Miss them much =)
God.. She's getting fat and fatter.
ME TOO! fml
Wooots woooots
We really had have a blast there.
Got a table singing birthday song.
We together sing too =)
Than after that,
Our table turn.
Its like the whole floor
Singing Birthday song for San san
Yeaaaaaa . Darn happy.
san san
Old a year jor.

Sorry for the short post.
Stay tune

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