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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sorry for delays.
Been busy lately.
Sunday went to Pulau Carey as i said at last post.
Seafood party. lols
Saw Qing and her family while they are leaving
We got 9 person RM298
Gor 2 flavor of crabs
Big prawns
Chicken Herbal Soup
Belacan Kangkung again ==
Seafood donno what.
Fried fish.
After lunch, my bro's tire gone flat.
He changed the tire there.

After that
Dear came at 6pm something fetch me
Went to Delicious at KL
Meet all of his friends
Funny =)
Im shy duh. lols

Hoegarden . Yucks RM22
Strawberry cheesecake RM13.90 yucks
Seriously delicious beef cheese burger
Whole Gang
Dear and me

Esther and Ian
Well that day we celebrated Esther's advance birthday
And Ian's Farewell.
After that,
We went to Wardy's house to play
His poodle so cute =)
Gamble .. woohoo.

Stay tune.

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