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Saturday, March 6, 2010


One last post before i sleep
No offence to anyone.
Do you guys know that Bar Celona
at Sunway Re-open?
But im not sure what they call as
Some call it Euro Star
but the other day i saw it at The Star's paper
it written there Bar Celona.
I don understand why some people
says that Bar Celona is very cheap.
I think YOU call it cheap cause
1st . The liquor is cheaper ?
2nd . Too many lala girls but actually
its so called underage girls.
Cant think of 3rd one.
Idts that Bar Celona is cheap
cause maybe first club that i went to was there.
I like there =)
Arhhhh at least better than that
what was that club name again?
ohhhh i remember
its Quattro.
I dislike Quattro
1st they are 21 above
2nd songs sucks
3rd no dance floor
And that female who check our Ic.
She donno how to check at all.
Yeaa.. I look very young.
like 15.
So ? Come'on they are more
younger than my age girls got in.
Ever think of checking theirs too ?
What ever. At last i can get in.
Bar Celona again.
I think Bar Celona is better than MOS.
Sorry for MOS and Quattro's fan.
My feelings towards these clubs.
MOS yeaaa.
Its really nice there.
But too bad i don't like those songs.
Really cant get to other clubs.
Hmmm. Most of the club at KL are all above 21
Don't want to get kick out if they check my ic's
Smell fishy you know?
So its better stick to my age's club.
Zouk .
I had been looking forward
to go there since im 17+++ duh
Too bad its 21
And heard that there were very strict.
Last thing. I don really club.
10 fingers i can count finish.
Bar Celona x3 i guess
Quattro once
MOS once
Coco sekejap jer. lols.
So im not a clubbing 'kaki'
But i really
Hope to see forward what's new at Bar Celona =)
Cause it close for so long.
Please don't make me upset.

Night peeps

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