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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well my memory card is at my dear's there
He'll pass it back to me tmr.
There's pictures to post about Monday.
Need to wait till tmr or Saturday.

1st thing
Still freaking HOT here.
I was like 'its getting hot in here'
So take off all your clothes. XP
36 Degreeeeeeeee ! Fuck hot duh
FML for being at here.
Haaaa.. Just now about 5pm something got rain
but a while only. sighhh
Last time 6pm ++ the weather will get dark and darker.
Now 7pm ++ still bright !
Faster past April please.
Woooooooots. After April aku punya birthday. lols

2nd thing.
when their driving.
Come'on la why ? tell me why
YOU babi retarded ke ?
Its like out of 10 person only 3 put signal
If one day i HIT u when idk u wanna cross the other side
cause u dint put signal
Don scold me. Its your fucking fault.
Police should summon those ppl who dont put signal YDI
Arhhhh. Oh No I forget you are Retarded.
I won't say anything when there's no one
wanna cross that road.
But if there is please put ok.

3rd thing.
Im not showing off or what so ever
u guys wanna say after u read this
Its about Driving too.
Don't think that I'm 'P' holder or i'm a girl
You guys can BULLY me.
Don't simply cut my lane when there's no signal
Even though u did put
I dont let u cross means NO
Don't Force me to let u go through
I HATE it !
I'm a Hot Temper person when im driving
Dont Disturb me when
there's a massive jam.
And i effing hate when i did nothing wrong
you HONK me!
Why ??
Like last incident , That white color MYVI
Honk me for nothing!
FUck You!
I don't get it till now.
I'm the one who drive 1st.
And i dint step into your lane.
Why honk me?
Scare that i go your lane?
What ever.
I'm trying to not be very tempered while i'm driving
Its just like smoking. lol
It depends on my mood and the road
My mood good. good la
If its jam than nasib tak baik la.
And if i'm rush. nasib juga tak baik.
I'm trying to Change =)

4th thing.
Tell me if its worth it to buy a branded or prestige
handbag or purse or anything.
Yeaaa its hell worth it if u are rich
I so wanna have one too.
But i do always ask myself
Is it worth it ?
1k ++ for a purse ?
I could buy many type
with that amount of money
Everyone knows that people
use branded stuff to show off.
If not, they waste that much money for what ?
Too much money no where to use ?
But different people got different kind of thinking.
Some people work hard to enjoy luxurious living.
Some people work very hard for their kids
and don know what is luxurious
like my parents and yours too.
Not to offence anyone.
Is your branded stuff yours ?
or your mum bought it for you?
Don't be proud of yourself if you have one.
Cause you don't even know how to work
and you demand for this/got these expensive stuff.
I would give applause for those that bought their self
using their very own money.
I would like to talk about the outcome
but i'm afraid that you guys hate.
So NO.
Yeaaa. I'm envy you all that u got and i don have one.
What so ever.
I would buy one for myself when i grew older
and wiser and when i found a stable job.
Yeaa.. I got a kinda expensive Dslr.
And who does't want that ?
My parents bought for us.
Which i persuade that i'll help her on her debtors file.
Yeaaassss i did helped her much.
That's what i earn.
Work hard to achieve.
I'm just ENVY .
nothing much.
FM huh . lols

Thats all
Stay tune peeps.

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