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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sakae sushi

Semua banyak lapar.

My parents 1st time eat Sakae Sushi
They Thumbs down for it.
They ordered the Fried udon
I ordered a donno what soup.
nice =)
No need to pay for this meal
They say Shogun better wor
No 1 fans of Shogun.
Mum said Jogoya sucks now
She went with her friends last week
Matta Fair.
Their Steam Cod fish
only got head and lil of flesh there.
And service not that good as last time.
They hired all foreigners.
If they keep their Standard like this
and not going to change their Sales will drop.

I kinda regret to cut it this way
Look like a kid!!!
What so ever

Saw Evelyn that night =)
And Zhi Cheng's table was just right in front of us
Last time saw her and her family at
Pulau Carey
Now at Sakae Sushi

Stay tune for next post.

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