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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today i help my mum issue a cheque for her creditors.
The date i write was 100210
My memory sudah lambat satu minggu.
Lameeeeee huh

That day i drove my Dear's car . Manual.
Goooooooooosh idk how to drive manual car anymore
Basic things i know but how to stable it idk.
Keep on mati enjine. sighhhh
He asked me your licence izzit 'bao' ?
I dint bao lar .
Just almost 2 years i drive only auto car.
Manual car idk .
Just now my mum ask me drive
Dad bought for grandpa's car which was about 16years old
Its manual and no power steering.
After few minutes of doing crap things inside
I declare not to drive.
Im scare =(
Mum say . Waste my time.
lols. I don want that to happen juga.

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