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Saturday, March 6, 2010

BBQ plaza & krispy kreme

It was last Monday.
Dear take a day off cause he was
very tired due to his grandpa past away.
We have our tea time lunch at BBQ plaza's TS
Been craving so long time ago
Just no time and he don want
Than saw Annie's picture at BBq
Can't resist anymore.

Mixed of pork and beef
Pork 3.5/5
Beef 1.5/5 Too thick.

After that, walk walk and walk
Bought Krispy Kreme.
Never try it before
I like the doughnut's texture.
But its extremely sweeeeeeeeet for me
After one bite i gave it to my sis and bro
after i came back.
Except for the original taste.
But i also can't stand its sweetness.
Last 2bite gave it to Dear.
I don't recommend to people
that hate sweet stuff like me.
Yes to you all that like sweeeet.

original flavor
Sweet duh.
Iced choco and cappucino.

Stay tune.

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