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Saturday, August 1, 2009

1/8/09 12.25am

feel kinda disappointed.
jux wake up from my nap.
will sleep again later.
everything going so fast especially time.
next saturday start exams.
sigh, scare.
don know whether i can manage those subjects a not.
especially maths & mpw = useless studies.
i think that if i cant manage to get all pass or 3,4/5 pass i gonna stop studying.
my mpw confirm fail . and maths . aiksssss
college life isnt that good at all.
but if im not studyin what can i do with a cert of spm.
and i doesnt want to go out work that early.
still wanna play.
tried before to work in an office for few months.
i realise that the real world outside happens many conflict among the staff there.
thats normal for everyone who are working now.

Friends. feel so far apart from them at college .
something that bothers me everytime i get into class.
and i hate that feel.

Secondary friends. all dint contact
except for my 2 sweet hearts .
and sometimes Babi San.
msn i did sometimes chat with Wai lik, jun sam and kit fung.
everyone have their own life now.
even if they come out they dont even bother to call me.

My 2 sweet hearts.
always contacting each other bcux we study together in 1 college but different course.
I think if i stop studying , no one even bother to care me. lol .
we shall see about that.

my life will be miserable if i keep thinking this.
so stop thinking.
feel so stress lately.
and i feel hungry now but cant eat . pity me.

stress baby.

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