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Thursday, August 6, 2009

sushi Zanmai

Sushi Zanmai~
Ate with my dear , Tuck Poh & Vaness.
The price are reasonable.
i love it but they dont= =
oh yeah . thanks Tuck poh & Vaness for treating me ~~~
After lunch , we watched Ghost of girlfriends past.
The proposal more nice .
But i like the actors .

my meal .
cold soba with fried slice chicken . RM8.80 only.
my fav. salmon.

i received a letter/flyer from MAC. Nth special inside. no free gifts . lol

Let my mum see my legs yesterday . Than she bring me to the doctor.
i had an injection which i think its jux the same
hurts man at my upper butt there .
and some medicine.
I think Dettol is the best. make me feel better everytime.
Mum say i infected 'zao mok' which is im allergic on alcohol.
i was like . omg . why .
last time consume alcohol also wont infect this allergic thing.
Vodka contains 70% alcohol & hennesy contains about 50% alcohol
thnks to my new fren Kelvin make me drink that.

[picture of the day]



  1. is fong mok or zhao mok o??
    cause i also got zhao mok d..but it does not look like that?!

  2. dono la = = my mum say zhao mok
    even that doctor also say nt sure abt it .
    very ugly d lo .. yeee

  3. very ugly le~~ u still wanna post the pic?~~~!!

  4. sorry Sarah...
    i duno u r allergic on alcohol...
    if i know u r allergic on alcohol...i sure donwan give u drink tat glass...sorry ya...
    and tat glass just got vodka and coke only...i din add the hennesy la...
    anywhere i very sorry about tat...
    and sorry to my late sorry...
    Friday i know about u aly but i no chance to say sorry...cox i got a big sick....

  5. hey . its okay ..
    actually this is the 1st time i drink alcohol will out this sick lo .. last time wont..