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Monday, August 24, 2009


Another Sunday. Huuuu... i had been eating so much lately. Sit down than i will grab something to eat. Dad always buy a lot of snacks for us or fruits. Fruits are goooooood . I like banana . Sweetx and help u digest quickly. Eat 1 a day. Other way to digest is drink chinese tea. Whenever i drink 1big cup of chinese tea, after few hours i will poo poo . But chinese tea are not good for girls or women. Yeaaa.. while updating my blog, im eating pringles and eclipse. zzz . i think i will gain fat in few weeks time.
This Pau, mum bought from OUG's morning market/pasar pagi. RM1.50 per piece. Fucking delicious and i ate 3 pieces. Normally i hate to eat char siew pau which u can find in any restaurant but this pau not same with those at all. These are fresh and no oily pork inside.
Asam laksa.
Ate this asam laksa at IOI mall , 3rd floor. Don know why suddenly i like to eat asam laksa. Last time i hate it cux it contains alot of 'zha'. But now , im craving for it. After shopping with my mum at IOI mall, went back home and get ready for another destination. lolx. Went to midvalley with my dear , annie babe and Q. Watched Dance Flick. 1st time watch movie at mv. After buying tickets we went Oh sushi to have our dinner. I remember that Jia hui, kah sing, me , and wai lik went into Oh sushi and after sitting down, we get out from there cux there are nothing suitable for us to eat. so fish . Than we went to Korean BBQ at upstairs Little Taiwan. wtf . Its like going into a thief boat. lolx. Expensive and cant keep us full. And after that, we went to mv's food court to have our 2nd meal there. Cheap and full. lolx.

7up soda with ice-cream

Asahi beer

Dear's extra spicy ramen.
Not spicy at all.

Forgot the name and i think its about

Half way eating our dinner Annie come find us. After dinner, we went to San's working place at Jusco. miss her =) After that, the movie starts. Crazy funny movie.

i gotta feeling=)

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