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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


feel so bored. dear went out dinner.
tomorrow maths paper. dint even start to prepare yet. Jux now tot Summer or Qiqi can teach me but end up what also dint learn. hais. I think my maths sure fail. I fail that paper since im in primary school = = hate.x maths. I think if i fail 3subjects im gonna stop studying or start another course but don know mum let a not. She will let me stop but another course , i don dare to ask . Wasted her money. Sorry . I don want that to happen . Its just hard for me to passsss the papers. I had been wondering if im not studyin what will i work as. Nowadays without a dip, u cant find any job except for the jobs at shopping mall which i don want to work as that or work as a clerk. Life is exhausting . Need to worry about this and that . I wish i could have more time to save my final. zzz. too late.

That red rashes has reduce but sometimes it will itchy. And now the red rashes become black in color. What the. Don know need how long only back to original. Haiz. make me almost 2 weeks wear long pants. So hate.x Normally i wont wear long pants but now because of that i need to wear. Ishhh . What to do .

I need a wheelchair please. my leg hurt. Now i walk like a retarted. Hope i will get well before saturday. Waiting for Saturday =)

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