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Friday, August 7, 2009


breakfast at oldtown with my dear. @ puteri branch
service was so slow. hate.x
ordered a mee siam for RM3.90 with a cup of coffee but we changed it to cold white coffee
its not that good . tot the white coffee will make me energize at night but = = no use at all.. feel sleepy while studying mpw. cant even get it memorise into my mind .. aikss.. stupid subject. what for we study this idiot subject. haix . waste time ni. susah betul

me & dear

fuck la .
dear annie jux went out from my house heading to Quattro. lol .
some more need to wait for her come back only can sleep .
pity me .. who can accompany me whole night ?
MPW notes . !@$#%^@#$!@~$
i dont get to go cux need to study .
after exam ~~ i will go .


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