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Monday, August 24, 2009

out too much =(

ouch. my dad started to say that i always go out lately. If he started to speak that means i need to reduce going out. zzz . or else car will confiscate by them. Lets see last week.

monday 17/8/09 = afternoon went out and night went out.
tuesday 18/8/09 = night went out.
wednesday 19/8 = home.
thursday 20/8 = night market.
friday 21/8 = night went out.
saturday 22/8 = home =).
sunday 23/8/09 = night went out.

always out at night cux afternoon need to help my mum. Please do think abt me. Why i will say no when u guys call me out in the afternoon. Parents sure will nag at me if i out in the afternoon. Need to make a schedule when to out. lolx.

Out = need to use money .

Its better to stay at home. No need to use money. ^^ .

3 oh 3

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