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Sunday, August 16, 2009

pasta zanmai . 14/8/09

Sorry bloggie. its like 1 week i dint update my blog.
Sorry to my readers too .
14/8/09 started sem break .
went to sunway with my dears . Jia Hui treated me Pasta Zanmai for fetching her go and back for the whole week. zzz. Thanks my dear =)
Got 2 weeks free. Dint plan to go anywhere .

fruit juice RM18 per jug
Tiramisu RM10

Dear's potato salad

Dear's beef pasta
RM23 ala carte.

miso soup


wat u call these in english?

mine =)

salmon pasta cooked.
RM26 per set

After that we went to watch movie , Screen . What the.. i don know what it was talking abt. Thanks to Annie and my RM11 flys away. We only know how to scream . Inside the cinema i think only got about 20person. We even want to get out from the cinema. But failed.
Later that night went to yum cha with Dear, Jia Hui , Annie, Q, Wei Khang , Jun Keat, and Ah lok. Planned to go Taman Desa's pasar malam but en
d up yum cha. Cux the pm changed to the other location which we don know at where. Crap a lot at there. No fun without Wei khang. lolx.

Dear's gift.
thanks love u


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