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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fw msg from Sok Kuan at hotmail

Untuk orang beriman... doa terus !!!

Maksudnya SOLD OUT gitu ..
Their mags need refrigeration. ...
The best so far....
The even advertise their price hike...
They even have a room for this..
U will need a smoke after reading this..
Japlish "L" is substituted with "R" ... and this is what happens!!!
U jump on the Elevator = Jail ?
This is better than Singapore . They can contruct their own WATER.....
Cheese Fair or ' Afraid of Cheese '
Bring ur own tissue....I think
I've got an idea – to sell used tissues – tatz a good business!!!
Maybe in Japan , there are Males who are not ' Man '
Shud consider doing business with this Co.
Very difficult to make up what it is about ?

Japii's english really that bad huh ? Some of them i don even know what is it trying to talk about.

Just for fun =)

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