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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cheras leisure mall with dear.

Went too Cheras Leisure mall yesterday with my lovely dear =)
It was my 1st time to go there. nothing special .
The cinema . wow . the ticket is cheaper than other places . its like RM20 for couple seat.
if compare to sunway's TGV its cheaper for about RM6.
I think Sunway's TGV is more better.
We watched UP. Funny. ^^ Russell . He is so cute .

We ate A&W . long time dint eat d. Like the rootbeer with ice-cream .
After the movie , went to pm, just right in front of Leisure mall. Nothing special too . All the stalls , i saw them at OUG's pm.



  1. aiyo~come leisure mall oso dun find me~i work in tat way~=.=

    lie teng~

  2. lolx.. i dono ma..
    next time got go thn find u lo
    where u work?