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Thursday, August 6, 2009


I guess i was fool by someone.
why , why on me?
cant trust them 100% anymore.
tell me why all the boys are the same.
i don need a partner like that.
i need a partner that really loves and care about me.

# annie dear .
thanks for everything = ) lov u
change my target to 'the night' one yea?
scare that i get the same thing
hate.x the prisoner now . should i huh
hurt baby.


  1. Fool by a person?

    sad sad =)

    it nt so easy too find a partner dude =)

  2. Baby, dont be sad..he is not worth it~
    Trust me, i really trust what his bro said!
    The night one? lol i dont know him well.
    But i guess he is better? Teacher leh!!!

  3. lol . i really don know what to do now..
    the night one . as u say
    clubbing kaki .
    smoker .
    got 1 benefit only. he is a teacher . lolx