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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

BB ho steamboat.

Rainy day .
wtf .
sis asked still raining ar ?
than i said yupp but lil only. few seconds later .
hujan lebat. zzz.

Just now dinner with my babes & guys. They are Joanne , Yin Leng, Tai Xi, Jun Keat, Tupai (come back from Taiwan), Siao Long, & Ah Kun. Crapsss alot especially Tai Xi. Make me speechless. Actually we planned to eat at Shabu Shabu 96degrees. But reach there, they said need to wait for half and hour. So change place to BB ho Steamboat. 8person for RM102.80. cheapnya but not full. zzz.


This is the 2nd fansign i make for my friends.
The 1st guy who request fansign from me i dint give but i did make. cux i forget to upload for him. The 2nd one is for Airie =) my FFS owner. He raise me up at FFS. Thanks so much. XoXo.

1st attempt.

2nd one

kinda moody.

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