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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Tomorrow is the last day of CNY
CNY see u next year =(
Actually now i should be coming back from The Curve.
End up sitting at here updating.
As i written last post
my dear's grandpa past away.
He's at Kuantan now.
Waiting for him to come back tomorrow.
1st thing to do when we meet
give him a comfort hug
Miss him very muchieeeeee
Just now went to Ioi mall
to buy concealer from Sasa.
Hate that Salesgirl. IDC if u know me.
Donno what is her name.
Don wanna know either.
I donno how to say concealer
cause i never use this stuff before.
Her face is like UGLY one word.
Like 'tai em hei ngo'.
Yala only u know how to make up
Donno how to say concealer
is my fault like that.
Than ask her about eye cream.
T*u again this F**k face.
Than say no need use eye cream one
Normally ppl use foundation as eye cream
THe Fu*king main point is
I don have that !
I dont use any powder to apply on my face.
My make up part is only in my eyes.
And some blush.
I dint tell her about that.
I straight say Thats all.
Introduce me Cybercolors
and Red earth products all the time.
I dont like those brand ok.
Every time i bought those end up
not nice to use/not suitable for me.
I try Cybercolors's concealer just now
cant cover anything.
Readers , for me its better to visit Sasa at Sunway
I like there more than Ioi and Sg. Wang.

Balm's concealer (RM55.00)
No discount on this product
I like this cosmetic's packaging for blush.

See my nose's black dot ?
This appear after i press out the pimple
and without using toner.
Hope it will go soooooooooon

Stay Tune =)
Tomorrow after work gonna eat seafood at Banting.
More to come.

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